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Friday, April 16, 2010

Why waste time with the cliff? Might as well JUMP!

Most people don't know they're standing on a cliff over the ocean of boundless love and peace. They're busy in the forest doing their own thing. Some people have glimpsed the ocean, and are afraid to take the leap, so they go back into the forest. Some people keep glimpsing and going back- telling their friends about how great it is.

Others have become professional glimpse-ers, who set up camp at the edge of the cliff and talk about how they're in the ocean. Some are in the ocean and have forgotten about the cliff. Few see that the cliff and the ocean were always the same thing- One Love, right here.


  1. 從人生中拿走友誼,猶如從生活中移走陽光........................................

  2. ...and wherever you stand or camp, that's where you need to be at that moment: no blame.