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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nonduality- Another mis-nomer

So there's really no truth in this nonduality game at all. Just another false path with false promises. The truth itself is what is very interesting. The trouble is, we can't begin to talk about it.

I was interested in nonduality, both as a seeker and a 'teacher', because I didn't recognize the truth itself. Before nonduality and all its concepts, the truth is right here, as love- aware of itself.

Behind the noise and attempts to figure things out, there's something silent yet profoundly alive. Nonduality can't give us what we're looking for, because what this actually IS is far too simple.

Notice right now, there's a sense of presence that is always so. Get to know That, and forget about what you just read!


  1. Thank you for this post. "Behind the noise and attempts to figure things out, there's something silent yet profoundly alive." These are words that take attention out of words...

  2. Thank you, that's the best words can do. The good news is, we are not a word!

  3. All that any word can do is point. The "mind" fixates on words and never sees past them. They only serve as a road map, but cannot be the destination. Pretty soon you must get your eyes off the map and see where you are.

    This is why reading about this is too much of a distraction, the mechanism that generates the false identity is the same deal that processes written words, concepts. You Are prior to any concept, that's why all words miss it.