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Friday, February 11, 2011

Am I done yet?

On long drives with my parents, I would be in the backseat impatiently waiting to get to our destination (usually Florida.) Like so many other youngsters, I would commonly ask "Are we there yet?" Or some equally irritating variation of that question like "When will we get there?"

Fast forward to my enlightenment game. I wanted to be "done", to reach the final place as soon as possible. I wanted to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible.

Then what? Even if there was some final realization, some final resting place I would still be aware of getting there, and it would just become another memory.

Maybe what I really wanted was simply to enjoy Being, and never getting there at all.

Being here is enough, there's no need to get anywhere.

There is no-'where' to get to anyway. Where would it be if I got there?
It would be Here all over again.


  1. This is certainly an issue for me.

    Especially getting upset about things, becoming engrossed in the story, and then beating myself up over it. I guess it should teach me that I (who?) am not in control.

    Is there a difference between enlightened and unenlightened people? If so, then what is it? If enlightened people know that there is no "me", in what way do they know it? As a thought? That cannot be, since no-one can constantly hold one thought. As an experience? That cannot be either. Experiences come and go, plus how can one experience the absence of something - only by not experiencing its presence, right? I don't even know what a "me" feels like. Mostly there is anger and/or fear, and then the me-thought latches onto that, I guess.

  2. Hi there,

    Yeah, we certainly aren't in control, as life repeatedly shows us. God reveals that the supreme will is supreme, and we don't have the power and control we imagined. To our credit, we don't have to hang onto this illusion- life is easier without it.

    The questions you pose are good ones, and come out of some ideas about enlightenment and unenlighttenment.

    We can know there is no "me" in the knowing of Being itself. This is beyond thought and experience, and indeed is prior to thought and the notion of experience altogether.

    What does a "me" feel like? It feels like human suffering. You can trace that anger and/or fear back to its source, and examine what you find. You start from Being the whole time during such investigations, so you're always Home before you even start. The questions about enlightenment/unenlightenment get more and more laughable as you drop deeper into the Truth itself, and find that there was never any "not Truth." All the best, thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks a lot for the reply, Mikey, and for operating this blog. It's good when people like you go public and help others. I hear you saying that it's about "cultivating the observer", or doing what Nisargadatta always recommended - attend to the sense of "I am". Not so easy, but must be worth the seeming effort.

    By the way, for your information, the preview- and post-buttons don't always work properly on my system (Vista 64 and latest Internet Explorer). For instance, I click preview and nothing happens, then the post-button brings me to the preview. Today I clicked the post-button first and nothing happened, after that the preview-button worked just fine. Just to let you know, since it may keep someone from posting at all.

  4. Thanks for that, I'm not sure what I can really do about it, I've never heard of that happening before. The site may be glitchy, as much of our beloved WWW tends to be.

    Indeed, attending to the "I am" is well worth the effort, since we are re-cognizing our very source, the Love that gives rise to That I am.