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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freedom from time

The search seems to take place in time. Where's any time right now? Who am I that's in time? How long do I need, to be who I am? We seek a freedom at the end of a time span, only to seemingly stay stuck in that flow of time, seeking the next better moment.

Where's all this time right now? What's clearly present and aware, even if time seems to be happening, (in concepts only!)

Investigating directly, we find that what we are is prior to the notion of time, as clear being itself.

There's a freedom from needing time as some means to an end, because we can see directly that what we are is not subject to this notion of time at all- we simply ARE present and aware.


  1. time to post a comment, lol!

    part of being human is that we only exist in time and space. So although time and space do not exist, they are also our vehicles to expression of our true essence. Just as our bodies give us our senses, so time and space give us life.

  2. Sure, we certainly express ourselves in this apparent time and space, otherwise there couldn't really be this appearance

  3. Great pointer there Mike!

    There certainly seems to be a person that exists in time, thus is the illusion. In order for there to be a person, there must be time, so there can be an anchor in the past which this identity can be based on. In reality, no person exist because it's always only now. The idea of the person is in memory, memory of a dead past.

    JD Hazlewood

  4. :) Thanks JD, a dead past indeed! No wonder I was feeling like I was walking around half dead all the time.