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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just don't sneeze- it'll cure your cold

We spend a lot of time dealing with the symptoms of this apparent seperation.
The most obvious is trying to restructure language to make it sound more advaitically correct: "this BS sentence is getting written" rather than "I am writing another BS sentence."

The key is to get down to the root of the matter- where is this seperate self right now? I attempted to employ remedies "on top" of this apparent problem of seperation, rather than dig down under it and expose it directly.

Holding back a sneeze won't cure a cold- screwing around with these pointers won't be very liberating. This needs to be looked into and seen directly.


  1. that which compels us to waffle such bs is totally indifferent the successfulness of such bs...the bs is artistic just like everything else...

  2. indifferent TO, sorry

  3. sneezing is cathartic. Just do it into your arm, not your hand.

  4. Lol, sounds good! BS is certainly artistic, but I got tired of my art stinking!