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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Half- Baked Buddha

My name is Mike, and I'm a half-baked Buddha. This is a term that was used by a great guy who was not afraid to tell it like it is, no holds barred.

He and others have implicitly or explicitly pointed out that I have jumped the gun on the sharing of these pointers: this turkey ain't quite done; further cooking is required.

There's a deep gut sense here to get to the bottom of myself in a conclusive and permanent way, rather than share what I still feel to be less than the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth (so help "me" God!).

I'm putting my group on hiatus until further notice, thanks to everyone for their support. The knowing of who I am is a job I cannot leave half done.


  1. That's very interesting...
    So 'being just what you really are' doesn't work anymore?
    Could you tell us the name of this guy? Is he someone popular in nondual 'business'?

  2. Michael,
    It is completely understood.There is work left to be done.The meetings have been helpful.And for me have been appreciated.Thanks for doing the live group meetings.

  3. You're welcome, I'm glad you found them helpful. We will meet again, thanks so much for your contributions as well.

  4. Hi Mike!

    Just as I was about to delve deeper in your videos and blog entries (because your expression of "This" seems to resonate with me in a profound way), I stumbled upon your recent entry titled "Half-Baked Buddha" and that made me wonder... if your realization of "This" is half-baked, does that mean that your message about "This" is "half-valid"...? Do you still endorse your past videos and blog entries? Should I keep me from exploring your past videos and blog entries and wait for the future entries when your "process" will have progressed more? I'll wait for your answer!

    (a little troubled by the reasons of your "pause"...)

  5. Hi Steven,

    As always, whatever resonates will have validity whether 'half baked' or not. I don't endorse any of my vidoes, entries, or anything that comes through here, because it is not the truth.

    The whole point is to delve deeper into the Truth, rather than my teachings, whether they be the clearest available, or half-valid.

    That post to me had two main intentions or effects: it was a way to admit something to myself in a more tangible way; I don't know or have the truth, and I am not an infallible pointer to the truth.

    Also, it was meant to encourage any readers to really take this inquiry into Being as a sincere possibility for themselves, rather than relying on potentially misleading stuff from an exterior source.

    There was a realization that I had claimed a special state for myself, in a subtle way. I renewed my commitment to really resolving this in a permanent way, as there was a definite feeling of being "half-baked" that I couldn't ignore. Thanks for your message, the truth is much nearer than these pointers.

  6. My very dear Mike,
    There is no one to be baked OR half baked. Your message was inspiration and always from the heart. That is my experience of you. You are, it seems, just believing that you are a conceptual person who is half baked. I invite you to simply notice (once again so to say) that This Presence of Consciousness-Awareness, the animating Power that IS and never changes at all, is always on here and now. Regardless, I respect your expression however it appears... or does not!
    I love You.

  7. Thank you Charlie, I appreciate your words. Much love brother, I wish you well.

  8. The feeling of being half baked is just another thought calling you out to play in the world of illusion. You don't have to concent. Nothing is to be denied in oneness. Feeling "half-baked" just happens. And you just notice. There is no half, only one. There is nothing to resolve. Once again, just notice. The noticing is liberation.

  9. Thanks Alicia, this is a great clarity. Much appreciated!