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Sunday, December 12, 2010

No stone unturned.

I was advised early on in my 'career' as a seeker of truth to leave no stone of my Self unturned. This advice holds true right now, and right now. No experiences of realization have saved me from needing to clean my own house, even if there is "no-one" in that house, or indeed no house at all!

Infinity has no stopping point, but I wanted to believe myself to be on the other side of seeking- safe and beyond the world of duality.

I ignored obviously painful emotions, because 'no-one' was having them. I justified harmful actions- because after all there is 'no doer'. I failed to heed the advice to look more closely at myself- because "it has been seen that there never was anyone"

I forgot how to be a human being. This is a reminder to myself, from my Self to leave no stone unturned.


  1. Hello Mike,
    When there is such statement like there is no one or going beyond the world of duality, it is clear that this is an extreme.

    There is holding to an understanding rather than the direct experience of what's going on.

    In awareness, there is no extreme position such as duality and non-duality or self and no-self.

    I know that it is difficult to have no conceptual support to describe the way things are, but these descriptions are also appearances of awareness, this is freedom from any secure concepts.

  2. Sounds good brother, I appreciate your comment!