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Thursday, January 28, 2010

An inconvenient truth (Al Gore was right!)

What the truth actually is (what we actually ARE) isn't going to cater to our imaginary needs, wants, and requirements. What this IS, is completely inconvenient to the seeker. It completely undermines the whole notion of seeking- and indeed the whole notion of a seperate self altogether. Any question makes no sense in the face of this Beingness- for it is timelessly whole and unquestioningly present right now- with no need of embellishment or addition.

My wanting to feel better isn't going to be satiated by what the truth actually is, simply because the truth is all encompassing, and so isn't limited by my petty and arbitrary division of feeling states. This is it- however it shows up.

My desire to understand isn't met with understanding- it's rendered null and void by the timeless and present radiance that blasts the mind's inquiry to pieces, and yet includes all mental activity.

We have to see this as it is, not as we would have it.

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