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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sometimes, it seems, things call for some repetition. Part of our human programming seems to suggest that we need to be exposed to things repeatedly before they "sink in" so to speak. I can only speak from my own experience, and it seemed like I needed to really open myself up to these pointers, and make a firm commitment to see this whole thing through to the end. Too often I would trick myself into believing I had arrived at some conclusive mental platform, only to find the experience of "something wrong" kicking in once again. Repeatedly exposing myself to the direct investigation as well as potent and competent pointers seemed to deconstruct the mind's artificial self obsession with "me".

Of course, the main thing to see is that what we are is changeless and inherently free regardless of all this apparent seeking, and attempts to end it. If there's an interest in ending the search, the key thing is seeing that what you really are, isn't actually seeking anything. All these pointers are essentially needless, because the presence-awareness is self evident anyways.


  1. Yep, exactly.

    Just to notice this presence and see that this is what you are, then it is becoming obvious that nothing need to be done for being what you are, because this being is already complete and fully present.

    Concepts are seen for what they are, they are not so important anymore when we recognize our own presence.

    In reality, we are so stable, that's amazing, our being does not care about our problems, or I should say about the problems of the seeker who is just imagination.

  2. Lol, well said my friend. The notion of "the seeker" is what keeps the whole production going, and can we even find such a thing outside of imagination?

  3. Obvious once seen, until then, it seems quite elusive. :)

  4. Absolutely, but pointing to what's obvious right here and now clarifies things for those that are convinced that this is somehow remote, abstract, or elusive.