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Friday, December 25, 2009

Who's the wise guy?

As a seeker, it seems like there are actual wise gurus out there, who have stumbled upon profound insight that seem out of my grasp. At this point, I begin trusting the 'wisdom' of these people to whom I assign status, meaning, and create a gap of inaccessibility.

The apparent wisdom comes from a direct investigation, looking at one's own Self, and present condition here and now. It's not a result of being a special person with a bunch of nebulous concepts that the lay-person can't understand.

It's like the clich├ęd story about the seeker who climbs the mountain, and the wise guru tells him that all the answers are within. This is a much more helpful pointer than the idea of "I know the answers, let me tell you how things are." Anyone who is clear on this will inevitably point to something direct and simple, here and now. A simple looking at the immediacy of one's experience reveals that there are no wise guys, and no guys that need to wise up- only the infinite wisdom and love of Being.

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