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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jesus didn't need the Bible, Buddha was not a buddhist.

If we look at people who have (clearly) shared this message, there seems to be a commonality. They did not rely on any 'outside' authority. Jesus wasn't referencing anything to prove his 'points,' he merely spoke out of the revelation that was apparent to him. Buddha didn't say "become a buddhist," he too simply pointed to our true nature. Of course, I'm merely speculating by saying this. The key thing to see, is that there's no need for anything besides what you already are.

How much scriptural referencing, podcasts, or reading of these words does it take to be who you already are? The best anyone can do, is point back to your Being as directly as possible. The mind has butchered clear pointers in the 'past', and it continues to do so today. See past the mind's high threshold of BS, and know that you are the clarity itself. Oneness needs no second opinion.

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