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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is there even a seeker?

Are you a seeker who's reading this? Is that really what you are? If I take myself to be a seeker, I'm really going to resist the message that "I am THAT". The whole thing ends now in seeing that I was never this imagined "seeker".

Who is aware of the comings and goings of this apparent entity doing the seeking? By its very nature, the awareness would have to be more real than the patchwork set of concepts we call ourselves.

Are you willing to really see that what you are is awareness itself, or are you content pretending to be a spiralling, made-up seeker who holds out hope for a better future? You can't not be this presence of awareness, no matter how good at pretending to seek you get.


  1. I'd love to see for myself that I am that awareness. You remember how it was, the unending roller coaster ride of feverish seeking followed by the "hell with it" giving up phase, yes?

    Anyway, been following your blog for a few weeks now and it's fun to watch. Man, you had it worse than me, or so it seems. All the way to Europe, huh? Bet you're glad that's over with.


  2. Haha, I didn't need to go to Europe at all, that's the irony about it. I just got real and investigated, right here and now. I remember what you're describing well, and the only thing to say is just look and see what's really going on, at this apparent moment. You can certainly see for yourself that you are that awareness, because you cannot NOT be that awareness. Just look, and investigate for yourself. Thanks for watching and reading, all the best from One to One,


  3. I remember when I was reading that "I am already awareness", there was this resistance you wrote. I was wondering how could I be awareness? I felt so incomplete, there was something wrong here.
    The key for me was the recognition of the fact that I exist, then I could get that I was that, this non-conceptual knowing.
    Questions seems to be resolved this way, by seeing that I am already that and I don't need to become that.

  4. Exactly that. By seeing what we really are right now, we undercut all the complex levels of craziness that the mind loves to cook up. The question-er is seen for what it is, and that's That!