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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just one last "me"

The nature of pretending to be a seperate self is, as Tony says, the greatest addiciton in the world. There can be an incessant clinging to these familiar yet limiting concepts. Who would choose to graps onto ideas that make for suffering? The real key is clarifying your ACTUAL identity, before the concepts kick in at all.

It's a matter of seeing that you are present, aware, and inherently free right now. There's no need for that one last "me" concept that needs resolution, the beingness is already established and doesn't need the last "hit" of whatever seems important.

The nature of reality (what you are) stands in the clear at all times, with no possibility of improvement or diminishment. See the concepts as concepts, and know that prior to all this mental jibberish, you are That already.


  1. I love the term 'mental gibberish' in this post, it's probably one of the best descriptions of the self that I've 'thought' myself to be.
    Thanks for your clear pointers and excellent writings Mikey, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks a lot, love your stuff also. All the best.

  3. That's very clear, very helpful!
    Straight to the point.
    Some concepts would say that I need a final understanding or seeing to be what I am, but the fact is that my own being is shining nonstop, incessantly.
    Concepts...they are attractive, but they become funny when what we are become clear.

  4. Yes they do, well said. The non stop shinening-ness of what we are is apparent, concepts or not.