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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special moments for "me"

The idea of being a seperate self is all about looking for that special moment. What you are is in no need of such thing, since what's happening now is so totally beyond expectation that the 'seeker's imaginary goals pale in comparison. As seperate selves, we live life as beggars, restlessly moving from one bit of pleasure to the next, hoping for the ultimate thing, someday, somehow. As we look into what we are, it becomes more obvious that this seeking mechanism is just a momentary appearance, and has nothing to do with what we are at all.

The last bit of fullfillment, where is it now? The last orgasm, last bit of chocolate, last meditative experience- all dead and gone. What you are is vibrantly alive and brimming with the life force of unconditional love- for lack of better words. Special moments in the future imply something missing now- is this the case?

What we are is the special moment itself, but not the way we imagined. This is beyond imagination, but immediately more REAL than any imaginary 'me' could ever touch.


  1. Thank you for this. "Is anything lacking now?" is a useful reminder.

  2. Thanks for reading. Yeah, that's a good pointer, as long as the mind doesn't get to thinking about all the things that must be lacking! It points to the obviousness of fullness here and now, where the idea of lack or limitation is seen to be just a concept.