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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Charlie Hayes once alluded to how serious people can take this stuff, to the point of becoming ever more serious and enslaved by the obligation of seeing something properly. We take on the idea of having to "get it right", and compare ourselves with others that we imagine have gotten it right. The nature of what we are is simple and present, with a quality of light-ness about it. The word "enlightenment" may simply be pointing to this childlike nature that is present and aware right now. It's not a state to be reached by anyone, because the notion of a "someone" is just a bunch of heavy concepts arising in the Light of Being that we are.

Keep it light- don't worry. See that you are this awareness, even if there still appears to be a search or a process. There's no need to go into the heavy concepts, just see that you are the light prior to burden of self.

Search or no search, self or no self, you are that same shine-ingness that you cannot avoid.

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