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Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's nothing wrong that there's nothing wrong.

Inspired by Charlie's latest podcast with John Wheeler I decided to look into a core notion that drives the whole seeking mechanism.

As long as I took myself to be some type of seperate entity, there was always something wrong, to a greater or lesser extent. I was always driven to try to compensate for the "wrongness" of life, and my existence was focused on small moments of being ok, through some sort of psychological gratification.

For what we are right now, there is nothing wrong. Look and see, if the natural Being-ness that you are has a problem. Notice how concepts arise about problems, solutions, and the like. See that what you are is fundamentally present and aware, and is not affected by these notions.

For whom is there something wrong? Where is this elusive problem maker? The seeking is perpetuated by believing that I am a limited entity with a problem of some kind. There are plenty of options to try to remedy this supposed problematic person, but it's much easier to see that I'm not this imagined entity.

Get familiar with the natural presence of beingness that's always been right here. See what's wrong with that, and see what's wrong with there being nothing wrong.

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