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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The paradox of what we are NOT

For what you are, none of the 'rules' of the mind apply. Non-conceptual awareness or divisionless being doesn't have questions or doubts. We often hear of these paradoxes that arise during the 'search,' and the mind would love to resolve them. The key is to see that none of this stuff is even relevant to what you inherently are, as you read this sentence. The notion of being a seeker is essentially a paradox or problem unto itself: why am I "me", and why aren't I whole and complete?

The real meat of this stuff is seeing that none of these imaginary entity notions even touch what you are. Right now, as always, you shine brightly behind the mental activity, unaffected and unconcerned with the important task of seeking (or stopping seeking!) Look directly into the heart of the matter (your own Self) and you can drop the whole notion right now.


  1. My mind pointed to 'being the awareness' and there were no questions that came from 'it'. It does not ask of anything, completely unconditional! Your post pointed me back to that intuitive knowing that's taken for granted, thanks for your wisdom Mike and Happy New Year.

    P.S. We all know this stuff, surely, but don't know how to describe the essense of aliveness.

  2. Exactly that, we don't know how to describe this intellectually, because it's too Real and immediate for any of that. Have a great now year, as Charlie Hayes told me.