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Monday, February 1, 2010

This isn't inevitable, This IS

During the apparent search, I comforted my 'self' with notions that liberation is inevitable, if I don't get it now I'll get it when the body drops, or an act of grace will liberate me 'soon'.

Of course, all these ideas presume that this isn't it, that there's something else to be seen, done, acquired, or lost. I began to look deeply at my present experience, the isness of being here, right now. What I found was that reality is actually full, and in no need of the imaginary things I imposed on it mentally.

Starting from the reality of Being itself, the search is undercut here and now. Being is all inclusive, and doesn't need extra embellishments. Here it is, here we are- timelessly, without need of improvement or tinkering. This really IS it, whatever it may be.


  1. So very true, these words are like music to my ears.

  2. You hear all these teachers talking about an act of grace, a moment of enlightenment. "Birds sounded like diamonds", "The world filled with bright light". Good!

    But also not good, because if somebody thinks they're a seeker it gives them a goal, an expectation. Of course that's the definition of seeking: needing something to be different than it IS. Of course the future never arrives.

  3. Thanks a lot Dede, glad it's resonating. Good stuff Tatie the future never arrives, and nothing needs to be different. We don't need moments of enlightenment to affirm who we already are.