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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's clear that I AM

Stopping right now for a moment, it's clear that I AM right here. Why not just appreciate the raw fact of our existance? Seeing this basic fact of being itself, it's clear that all else is an add on. The prime fact of experience is simply being present and aware, without the need of 'anyone' as some special, seperate entity.

If we simply appreciate the obvious and often overlooked fact of experience itself, there's no need to even look into any concepts at all. The mind seems to offer up problems and solutions, being awareness remains open and unencumbered by this activity. Why not start and stop right here, as this clear presence that can't be avoided? Simple, obvious, effortless- being what is, and what is not!


  1. Hello Michael,

    yes, it is clear that I AM right here. And there is this raw fact of existence. Usually this fact of being is misinterpreted and is imposed on a body and a seperate entity. But this is only concepualization and not true. Being is. Existence is. Life is. One block.

    This is clearly seen here.


    Even this knowing, that I am, this fact of being, disappears in the so called deep sleep.

    Could you say anything about it?

  2. Hey Josef, the deep sleep thing is interesting, and impossible to understand with the mind.

    What you are in deep sleep is what you are right now. That fact of being aware, the raw presence that can't be negated. The knowing of being is here with the body-mind, as there is the appearance of me-and-other. This knowing of being isn't there in deep sleep, because there is no other, just That I AM (not the words, the livingness.)

    The knowing of being is another appearance to what you are. All you are is being itself, if it's recognized or not. All the best,


  3. The words are not necessary.
    'I am' is too much.
    'I' is harmless.
    It is what is added onto the 'I' that causes an apparent problem - but for whom?
    There is NO becoming in BEING.
    = Gilbert.

  4. Yeah, exactly. It's all too much anyway, but what the heck, words happen. Being remains as is despite all of these complicated words.