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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do 'you' believe in 'God?'

As noble seekers, we become very complex creatures. I recall one time where someone asked me if I believed in God. I gave what I felt to be a nondually correct, long-winded answer that left both of us rather confused.

The notion of a seperate higher being is the cornerstone of many traditions, and can be looked into and seen for what it is. To ask someone if they believe in God makes as much sense as asking an oak tree if it believes in the earth. When we take ourselves to be a seperate, alone, and terrifed entity, it makes sense to conjure up a big important God to make us feel better.

The irony is, that I never felt I was with God, as long as it was "me and God." If we see the true nature of what is, right now, we can call that God if we like. It's no-thing the mind can deal with, pure aloneness without the loneliness.

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