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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No escape, no prisoner

I want to escape my situation. I can't stand this, I want out. This isn't right, I need to feel better. Anything but this, please!

Desperate words, filled with anguish as we seek an end to this madness. I'm so convinced that I'm in some sort of prison, with bars made of seemingly solid language- apparently concrete ideas that hold "me" hostage.

Do I accept my imaginary sentence, or look into the nature of this cage of concepts? I wonder what this whole thing is made of anyway. Even if there is such a prison, who is aware of the notion of this inmate? How could I be confined in this cell, if I'm aware of the entire notion of trying to escape?

Is this awareness in anything? Is it an object that can be located in a physical or mental place? What is this presence in relation to the imprisoned "seeker?" Who am I in this whole picture, if not the awareness itself?


  1. Hey the last paragraph Mike I do not quite 'get' where you say is it an object that can be located in any physical space..some confusion here around awarness as a body versus having no location..can you talk a little more about the last paragraph..would appreciate it

  2. Hey Tom, this is a good point to clarify. I took myself to be something with a form, located in another, larger form.

    Can I locate myself in any physcical place? If I say yes, then there must be awareness of that location. If I say no, then there's awareness that there's no way to locate myself. The purpose is to recognize the raw nature of this beingness.

    Awareness seems to be localized with a body-mind, but that too is an appearance. Having no location is akin to deep sleep, in the waking state there seems to be a bodymind that is re-cognizing this awareness.

    The point of that last paragraph is to clarify that what we are, is this formless and solid presence of awareness itself, prior to any notion of localization, space, time, form or any-thing whatsoever. Obviously the words are pretty cumbersome, but the point is to just recognize the raw aliveness of it right now. all the best,