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Monday, February 22, 2010

Being alone IS

As a child, I often feared being alone, because I felt seperate and vulnerable and in need of something to protect me from the big, scary world. As a 'seeker' I felt lonely in myself and looked for a big strong guru or God figure to protect me from my big, scary 'self.'

I started looking into this stuff for myself, and it became obvious that there is only one thing happening, only Being. All of this apparent conflict in duality seems to be an appearance of Being itself. Direct looking shows the flakey and feeble nature of all these concepts and ideas.

There is only the exquisite aloneness of Being, and no one else to be lonely, afraid, vulnerable, or seeking. Pause a moment and see if there is anything 'other' than this obvious presence. Get comfortable being alone- it's not so lonely if you're all there is anyway.

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