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Thursday, January 28, 2010

An inconvenient truth (Al Gore was right!)

What the truth actually is (what we actually ARE) isn't going to cater to our imaginary needs, wants, and requirements. What this IS, is completely inconvenient to the seeker. It completely undermines the whole notion of seeking- and indeed the whole notion of a seperate self altogether. Any question makes no sense in the face of this Beingness- for it is timelessly whole and unquestioningly present right now- with no need of embellishment or addition.

My wanting to feel better isn't going to be satiated by what the truth actually is, simply because the truth is all encompassing, and so isn't limited by my petty and arbitrary division of feeling states. This is it- however it shows up.

My desire to understand isn't met with understanding- it's rendered null and void by the timeless and present radiance that blasts the mind's inquiry to pieces, and yet includes all mental activity.

We have to see this as it is, not as we would have it.

See who you are, and go have fun!

We might as well just see who we are right now. Who wants to spend another moment looking at my bleak, drab, colourless and downright hopeless content? See clearly that you are this awareness, and you can stop poking around with all this stuff (unless you're having fun doing it!)

If there's an earnestness to see and live as you really are, then nothing can stop you. Look now and it's clear, you can forget about this silly website, and even this pointless sentence.

You're right here, before the space between these two words. Just rest, you've looked long and hard enough. Have some fun, it's about time(lessness)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How do I know, that I know? (And who am I that knows it?)

As seekers, we live like a self-referring loop in a computer. We confirm our knowledge by more of the same knowledge, concepts reinforce previously learned concepts. The core learned concept is that of "I'm me". I know that I'm me, so now I know this that and the other about myself, which reinforces the fact that I'm me.

We live as this loop, and don't notice the space in which it happens, right here.

Since all of this is learned, it isn't absolutely real, or who we really are. See that the presence that you are is always the case, before, doing and after this loop.

Who am I that knows? The knowing of being is solid and real- all else is the changing of seasons.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's missing here?

You're not missing out. This is actually the party, and it's always at your place. You are the place of the party, and the only guest in attendance. There's no need for a better venue, or to get into some VIP room- this is as good as it gets, and as good as it needs to get. The bad news- this sentence is actually all there is. The good news, this sentence is actually all there is. No hope for a better future, and no need to fear what comes next. You're not missing- what's looking out these eyes lacks nothing. Stop and see- you've never been absent.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No investment, no refund

Sometimes I look back on what I've written (or even the title of the site) and I think this whole thing sounds really harsh and bleak. This is true for the 'seeker' but The reality that we ARE is peace, joy, and unconditional love that can't be contained. What we're attempting to do is point to the futility of the seeking, and the reality of Being. Seeking is all about putting in hard work now, for a big future payoff. If our seeking doesn't work (which it never has and never will) then we expect some refund or return on the time, energy, and money we've spent on the search.

Why not just stop investing in pipe dreams now, and notice the clarity of being fully present, here and now? Nothing gained, nothing lost- loving what is! We don't need to play the game, and we won't win or lose if we keep playing. What we are stands here, in the clear, beyond our fear.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"How to"- a fool's errand.

When any pointer is given, the mind essentially wants to say 'how do I use this to get something?' If we see this mechanism in action, it's obvious that we are outside of it, so to speak. Questions of how-ing or whatever appear and disappear. See the foolish mind as it tries in vain, and see that you are the context for this apparition. How to be what you are? No one's words or practices are needed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spirituality isn't about popularity

When I was first introduced to the idea of spirituality, I basically used it to make myself special. I wanted to have the upper hand in social situations, and feel good about myself by towering above the "normies" who weren't interested in my superior concepts.

As I've come to see it now, spirituality is really about one thing only: knowing who we are, and who we are NOT. That's why this sort of message isn't popular, it doesn't leave any room to be a special, spiritualized person. It undercuts the whole personal notion altogether, and leaves us as we are- present, aware, and inseperable from what IS.

What we are isn't even interested in teachings or spiritual paths or process- it's whole and complete right now, self shining and obvious.

We won't become popular people- and it doesn't matter anyway. Recognizing the radiance and problem-free nature that we are is enough- for No-One!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shut up and look

To my credit, my first teacher Charlie Hayes essentially gave me the pointer of "shut up, and look." I interpreted this to be both an 'inner' and 'outer' phenomenon. Rather than endlessly think about myself and how my seeking and suffering were so overwhelming, just pause and see what's really going on.

Instead of talking to others about how "I" am getting it, and almost there, but need this one more thing, just stop talking and listen to something that resonates.

This is simple stuff, if we don't bring our own preconceptions to the table. I was good at talking about this stuff, but wondered why there was still "something wrong."

I shut up, and had a good look. Good luck, or grace does the rest.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sometimes, it seems, things call for some repetition. Part of our human programming seems to suggest that we need to be exposed to things repeatedly before they "sink in" so to speak. I can only speak from my own experience, and it seemed like I needed to really open myself up to these pointers, and make a firm commitment to see this whole thing through to the end. Too often I would trick myself into believing I had arrived at some conclusive mental platform, only to find the experience of "something wrong" kicking in once again. Repeatedly exposing myself to the direct investigation as well as potent and competent pointers seemed to deconstruct the mind's artificial self obsession with "me".

Of course, the main thing to see is that what we are is changeless and inherently free regardless of all this apparent seeking, and attempts to end it. If there's an interest in ending the search, the key thing is seeing that what you really are, isn't actually seeking anything. All these pointers are essentially needless, because the presence-awareness is self evident anyways.