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Friday, February 11, 2011

Am I done yet?

On long drives with my parents, I would be in the backseat impatiently waiting to get to our destination (usually Florida.) Like so many other youngsters, I would commonly ask "Are we there yet?" Or some equally irritating variation of that question like "When will we get there?"

Fast forward to my enlightenment game. I wanted to be "done", to reach the final place as soon as possible. I wanted to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible.

Then what? Even if there was some final realization, some final resting place I would still be aware of getting there, and it would just become another memory.

Maybe what I really wanted was simply to enjoy Being, and never getting there at all.

Being here is enough, there's no need to get anywhere.

There is no-'where' to get to anyway. Where would it be if I got there?
It would be Here all over again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Grass-Roots Awakening

It's up to the writer and the reader of these words to facilitate and cooperate with the awakening of our consciousness. We can't wait for the government, we can't wait for religious leaders, we can't wait for corporations.

It's you and I, loving what is rather than fearing what might be.

It's the love shared at home in our families, and out in the community.

It's the simple helping hand of humanity, in whatever way it comes.

It's a grass-roots awakening in ordinary lives.