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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something needs to happen

All that needs to happen is the reading of this sentence. Acknowledge the aliveness that cognizes these words, and there's nothing left to look for.

Aliveness is happening, and it's all there is. There isn't a "something" that needs to happen, because No-thing is all that's happening.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is practical and REAL

This stuff isn't esoteric or remote. Thinking about this doesn't lead to BEING this. The stuff we're talking about is literally just the actuality of being alive right now, the ground of awareness that's living.

If we look into what's happening right here, there's a natural sense of being alive.

What else is happening besides the simple actuality of living?

If I close my eyes, how do I know I exist? If I don't refer to any thought, what is it that confirms my own aliveness? This can get really practical and direct, right here where we are. Nothing else needed, for us to Be.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Being alone IS

As a child, I often feared being alone, because I felt seperate and vulnerable and in need of something to protect me from the big, scary world. As a 'seeker' I felt lonely in myself and looked for a big strong guru or God figure to protect me from my big, scary 'self.'

I started looking into this stuff for myself, and it became obvious that there is only one thing happening, only Being. All of this apparent conflict in duality seems to be an appearance of Being itself. Direct looking shows the flakey and feeble nature of all these concepts and ideas.

There is only the exquisite aloneness of Being, and no one else to be lonely, afraid, vulnerable, or seeking. Pause a moment and see if there is anything 'other' than this obvious presence. Get comfortable being alone- it's not so lonely if you're all there is anyway.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's clear that I AM

Stopping right now for a moment, it's clear that I AM right here. Why not just appreciate the raw fact of our existance? Seeing this basic fact of being itself, it's clear that all else is an add on. The prime fact of experience is simply being present and aware, without the need of 'anyone' as some special, seperate entity.

If we simply appreciate the obvious and often overlooked fact of experience itself, there's no need to even look into any concepts at all. The mind seems to offer up problems and solutions, being awareness remains open and unencumbered by this activity. Why not start and stop right here, as this clear presence that can't be avoided? Simple, obvious, effortless- being what is, and what is not!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No escape, no prisoner

I want to escape my situation. I can't stand this, I want out. This isn't right, I need to feel better. Anything but this, please!

Desperate words, filled with anguish as we seek an end to this madness. I'm so convinced that I'm in some sort of prison, with bars made of seemingly solid language- apparently concrete ideas that hold "me" hostage.

Do I accept my imaginary sentence, or look into the nature of this cage of concepts? I wonder what this whole thing is made of anyway. Even if there is such a prison, who is aware of the notion of this inmate? How could I be confined in this cell, if I'm aware of the entire notion of trying to escape?

Is this awareness in anything? Is it an object that can be located in a physical or mental place? What is this presence in relation to the imprisoned "seeker?" Who am I in this whole picture, if not the awareness itself?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do 'you' believe in 'God?'

As noble seekers, we become very complex creatures. I recall one time where someone asked me if I believed in God. I gave what I felt to be a nondually correct, long-winded answer that left both of us rather confused.

The notion of a seperate higher being is the cornerstone of many traditions, and can be looked into and seen for what it is. To ask someone if they believe in God makes as much sense as asking an oak tree if it believes in the earth. When we take ourselves to be a seperate, alone, and terrifed entity, it makes sense to conjure up a big important God to make us feel better.

The irony is, that I never felt I was with God, as long as it was "me and God." If we see the true nature of what is, right now, we can call that God if we like. It's no-thing the mind can deal with, pure aloneness without the loneliness.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What else but love?

I always had a sense as a seeker that love was lacking. I wasn't loving enough, and I didn't feel that others were loving me enough. I sought to compensate for this lack of love, and tried to find it through a process and obtain it in the world.

It's a lot easier to see that the nature of what is, is love beyond opposite. This can't be believed in, and it can't be denied. In looking and feeling into the presence that's here, it's obvious that this is the love of being itself- the homeless home that can't be left. The lover is all that is- including the seeker that thinks it's seperate from it. Who needs love from whom? Nothing is withheld- this energy is abundance itself, in the midst of an imagined life, full of lack.

See this here, falling in love is all there is.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just look and see, who is this "me"?

Just look and see, who am I now, and what is this seperate "me?"

The mind kicks in with 'yeah but's' and whatever else, but just look and see.

Always an excuse, let me off the hook, I'll check on this stuff later.

Yes, but look and see- who am I right now, amidst all the resistance?

Too much, too fast, can't handle the truth , give me some cushioning first!

Alright, and who, who, who is seperate from the truth in the first place?

How good have I been at making my life work, might as well get down to the wire and look. What's really here, and what pretends to really be here? See what the always so-ness that is, and the rest is seen as comings and goings.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fully seeking, but only half alive.

As a seeker, it felt like I was pretty much upright and dead a lot of the time. And if not that, then I was looking for bursts of pleasure from the outside, including pleasure derived from spiritual activities.

I was fully interested in the seeking game, because I was quite sure there was something on offer, at the end of a process. What I didn't pay attention to was the aliveness of presence that is here and now, fully awake and prior to seeking.

It's all a matter of perspective and emphasis. I put a lot of stock in 'my' thoughts, because it seemed like there was happiness to be found at the end of my imaginary road.

What's here now- this being of aliveness- isn't seeking anything, because it's already everything. Who am I in relation to That? There is no relation- only That I Am.

Monday, February 1, 2010

This isn't inevitable, This IS

During the apparent search, I comforted my 'self' with notions that liberation is inevitable, if I don't get it now I'll get it when the body drops, or an act of grace will liberate me 'soon'.

Of course, all these ideas presume that this isn't it, that there's something else to be seen, done, acquired, or lost. I began to look deeply at my present experience, the isness of being here, right now. What I found was that reality is actually full, and in no need of the imaginary things I imposed on it mentally.

Starting from the reality of Being itself, the search is undercut here and now. Being is all inclusive, and doesn't need extra embellishments. Here it is, here we are- timelessly, without need of improvement or tinkering. This really IS it, whatever it may be.