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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freedom from time

The search seems to take place in time. Where's any time right now? Who am I that's in time? How long do I need, to be who I am? We seek a freedom at the end of a time span, only to seemingly stay stuck in that flow of time, seeking the next better moment.

Where's all this time right now? What's clearly present and aware, even if time seems to be happening, (in concepts only!)

Investigating directly, we find that what we are is prior to the notion of time, as clear being itself.

There's a freedom from needing time as some means to an end, because we can see directly that what we are is not subject to this notion of time at all- we simply ARE present and aware.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This is alive, real, and immediately what you ARE!

Right at the heart of what's happening, there is immediate aliveness going on.
Juicy, real, without cause or effect- what we are is consciously living and reading this word.

Simple and obvious- if we turn from the madness of the mind now, we can see this clear space that's right here. Even when the mind is going, all there is, is life being life.

It's impossible to not see this, and it's certainly impossible to not BE this. Why worry about seeking at all, if there's a peace and clarity amidst whatever seems to be happening. It's all good, especially when it isn't. For what we are, this whole post is a waste of time, and a big laugh!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Useless update- Being is still changeless

What do you know, this presence is the same as it was the first time I posted, it's the same now, and it'll be the same if I do another useless update. My site is meant to point to this changlessness of Being what we are- and be obselete. This isn't a fun blog to follow, Being alive now is a lot more fun than reading about it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Seeking what IS

I didn’t know I was seeking This. Just the simple seeing that I’m aware and present, right here, and things are happening. The mind suggests a time and place that’s better, and a “someone” for whom it isn’t alright now. Look, and see that just beyond the mind’s movement is simplicity itself- just Being what is. What are we really looking for? Am I seeking another time and place? What would be better there and then, and who am I right now that isn’t OK? There’s nothing wrong with what we are, we were always seeking what IS, and what is turns out to be exactly appropriate, so who is going to seek what?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just don't sneeze- it'll cure your cold

We spend a lot of time dealing with the symptoms of this apparent seperation.
The most obvious is trying to restructure language to make it sound more advaitically correct: "this BS sentence is getting written" rather than "I am writing another BS sentence."

The key is to get down to the root of the matter- where is this seperate self right now? I attempted to employ remedies "on top" of this apparent problem of seperation, rather than dig down under it and expose it directly.

Holding back a sneeze won't cure a cold- screwing around with these pointers won't be very liberating. This needs to be looked into and seen directly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is a win-win (for no-one)

All the what if's and what about's are brain farts.

There's nothing in the way of life living life.

Nothing bad happens in seeing what we are.

All my hopes and fears about this stuff are tales told by an idiot ('me").

Life wants to live itself, and it IS.

Life is a win win situation, for no-one. There is only life anyway, so big deal if "I" lose!