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Monday, November 16, 2009

"I" as opposed to what?

The mind would love to say "I am enlightened." The big prize seems so grand and noble. The only question there is for the self-proclaimed guru or enlightened master, is "who is enlightened, as opposed to what 'other?' In our game of awakening, we hear such grand stories. None of them are real, only YOU ARE. Why bother being enlightened, when what you really are is beyond all these silly concepts anyway? In saying beyond, it doesn't mean "better than." It's simply a pointing to the unmoving, unchanging awareness that we all are, in equanimity. There's no competition here, because there's nothing to compete with. No one to threaten, nothing to overcome, no victim and no perpetrator. There's no need for games or false claims. Just look as always, maybe close your eyes and stare deeply within what you've taken yourself to be, and see the unchanging-ness that you are, whether you do this exercise or not. Why not do a practice, if you're still seeking? It's better than sitting in needless suffering. Practice noticing that the idea of a practicer comes and goes in what you are- and see how much practice it takes to be what is already established and effortless. Who cares about nonduality, what you are is already beyond.

Look and see, get creative, experiment. Don't sit in suffering, just keep at it if there's still a search on. Settle for nothing less than the fullness of what you innately are, take this on board as your own thing, forget me, forget every sage that ever walked. You're the only one here, get used to your Self.


  1. In this mirror I saw you because my friendly reflection Mark Scorelle pointed me here. Monkey see, monkey do, in hyperspace!

  2. Good stuff, I spent a lot of time trying to get a clear reflection in hyperspace, but ultimately it needs to be seen that I am the mirror, and its reflections. There is no other. Take care,