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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pointless joy

I want to be happy, I want to never feel sad or experience pain. I would like to live in a state of undifferentiated bliss, peace, and harmony with everything. I want to be in a stable, steady state. I can't have negative emotions or upheavals of any kind. I need to be the master of my experience, and have things go my way.

Enlightenment will give this to me, so I want to become enlightened. If I'm enlightened, I will live in a state of ease, grace, comfort, and pure joy and lightness where life can't get at me anymore.

This is a sort of exaggerated idea of what the seeker seems to want out of this whole thing, and we've all heard that there's no "me" to experience any of it. There is a joy about liberation, but it's pointless and without a claimer. There is joy here, but it's void of ownership. There is an ease and comfort, and a sense of ok-ness, but it isn't mind, and it won't be yours. See that there's no one to want or need, no one to do or have. See this, and freedom falls out into itself, as it always is doing anyway. The overlay of me isn't needed for life. See that you are life itself, right now, rather than a "me" with a messy, defective life.

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