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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Non-Duel

I was listening to a program by Paul Hedderman ( where he made the pun of all of these nondual perspectives clashing together into a "non-duel," where seemingly contradictory ideas and teachers oppose each other in "important" spiritual debates. This type of thing is apparently very important, but only to an imagined self. The "seeker" needs to get this stuff right. My version of nonduality has to be the correct one, and it needs to be defended against these opposing, "wrong" viewpoints.

The awareness that we are simply doesn't care what type of nonduality the imagined seeker is interested in. There aren't really different types of nonduality anyway, there isn't even anything called nonduality. You are the nondual awareness already, not the thoughts about it. See that you are already That which seems so important to think about. There is no need for duels, struggles, thought, or emotion to be what you already are, but of course all these things are allowed. See that you are the awareness right now, in which ridiculous notions in thought arise. See that these notions happen WITHIN what you are, not TO what you are. Clarify that you are the awareness itself, and put these notions to rest.

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