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Monday, November 23, 2009

A paradox for WHO?

One thing that seems to happen in the search is indulging in the mind's tendencies to try to get to a "safe side" of the nonduality coin. Charlie pointed out to me that there is a paradox in this, and that the paradox can dissolve, but never be re-solved. Really, the crux of the paradox is the notion that there's a self that needs to get to the bottom of something. It's MY important thoughts about what all this stuff is talking about, and it's ME that has to do something to get it right.

The end of seeking is not about coming to a mental interpretation and sticking with it. It's about seeing that I am THAT in which all the mental stuff happens in the first place, including the notion of being a mind-bound self. In seeing this, there is no-one to attach any parodox to, so the issue is moot. See that what you are is simple and without any need of thought whatsoever, even the important "nondual" thoughts. (An oxymoron if there ever was one!) You are singular. Thought cannot divide what you are.

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