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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's going to work?

From a young age, we're taught to try to make our lives work. When we begin to see that it's not working, maybe we stumble across someone claiming to know how to make it work better. After we try X, Y, and Z we may come across some "deep" spiritual tradition, or whatever the mind calls it. From my own experience, I thought of nonduality as the ultimate "thing" that would make my life work. I was given the pointer "Who am I?" from Charlie Hayes, and "I" figured that was the answer. The trouble was, there wasn't yet a real looking into the "I" notion that the question "Who am I?" is meant to root out.

Different teachers seem to suggest various methods, non-methods, or claim there is no method or whatever. The real question is, who is hearing these teachers, who is deliberating between what may or may not work? It's a simple matter of getting down to business, and bypassing the needless garbage of conceptual running around. Nothing's going to work, because what we are is ALREADY in perfect working order. It's just a matter of seeing that this is already the life we always wanted, except we don't get to have it. There's no "we" to have it or not. There is only THAT.

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