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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"I'm me"- Fact or Fiction?

As we grow up, the concept of the self becomes seemingly more and more ingrained. Charlie Hayes summarized this idea with me by the simple loop of "I'm me, because I'm me." When he went to the root of the issue in this way, it seemed like a real threat, because of the contents of that loop that I had taken as important and real. It seemed important to see that this whole self-centred loop is a total fiction, otherwise we fall into the trap of "cherishing the illusion." As a kid, I so often wanted the stories I read to be real, but I never believed they actually were. The story of "me", on the other hand, I took to be so real and so important that it took some real honest, diligent looking to disprove it to myself.

If the whole thing is seen as a fiction right now, what's the problem in any of it? Look and see that you are the True, and the false will be seen for what it is. Everyone knows the difference between fact and fiction, but a lot of people are caught up in the make-believe of me-ing. Discern for yourself that what you are is changeless, real, and in no need of embellishments in stories. Use the deep sleep litmus test: It ain't real if it's gone in deep sleep. You are there in deep sleep, but not as any-thing. What you are in waking is the same, only now there are apparent "things" to identify with. Leave them all alone, you are the ever present behind-ness to the changing world.

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