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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Resistance is Futile!

The Borg from Startrek were right after all. I thought I was pretty clever by resisting the simplicity of this. I thought I knew better than those that spoke from direct experience, as I hid cowering in my concepts. I was wrong. All I was good at was perpetuating needless suffering, all the while claiming that "I" was some righteous special person who was ahead of the game. Where did all this resistance happen in? Empty, blank awareness. What did the resistance accomplish? Nothing, it just came and went in awake space. Who was the resist-er? There wasn't one, just thoughts happening. Where's the resistance now? If you look, you won't even find it. There isn't even any resistance. That to is the loving awareness, pretending to fight itself. No escape, my friend, I hope "you" die before the end of this word.

Still here? Then keep looking into it, and see that what you are is deathless divinity itself.

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